High Registration Numbers, High Rewards

Exhibitors will be recognized for their efforts in driving traffic to the show and their booths. The exhibitor that delivers the highest number of eligible registrations (the registrant must attend the show on day 1 or 2 to be eligible, please see the rules & regulations section for full details on eligibility) using the customer invites will be rewarded the Grand Prize.


Along with a half page incremental/new ad in YCM/OCTANE magazine (approx. retail value of over 5k), the winner will also receive a customized editorial piece featuring your company’s success, innovation, and key role in the Canadian industry in the accompanying magazine!


The Customer Engagement Program is created to increase show attendance, increase traffic to the exhibitors’ booth, and reward those that put in the best effort!


Capturing the right audience during the event is critical for exhibitors’ success. We offer you several tools to let your customers know about your participation in the show and help you incentivize them to attend.

Customer Invites

Invite your clients to attend the show using FREE and instantly accessible tools including a customizable customer invite template. Printed customer invites are also available and will be mailed to you, ready to use. MORE

Logo, Button and Banner Ads

Download The Convenience U CARWACS Show logo, show button and banner ads for free to add to your email campaign, website and other promotional materials to announce your participation in the show. MORE

Social Media Blurbs

Spread the word about your participation at the show and share your customer promo code via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Maximize your time and increase your exposure by using our pre-drafted social media blurbs and tips. MORE

The full rules & regulations can be found here: HERE

If you have any questions, please contact Janice Golwala at 1.877.687.7321 ext. 1017 or jgolwala@stagnitomail.ca